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From classic CO2 to the most modern fiber laser cutting machines, we supply high-purity nitrogen gas & fluid cooling through our nitrogen generation and process cooling equipment to the metal fabrication industry. Metal fabricators are integral in supporting many manufacturing and assembly companies across the country.

In recent years, these fabricators have invested in laser cutting equipment to produce high quality finished stainless steel products for their customers. High purity, inert nitrogen gas provides a stable environment for the laser to cut metal with minimal oxidation. Laser cutting with high oxygen content results in a discolored appearance. Nitrogen  assist gas injected into a cutting nozzle at mid pressure range (300-400 psig) forcing oxygen downward and away from the cutting surface resulting in a precise, clean cut & finish.

Our experience within the metal fabrication industry allows us to size & design nitrogen gas generation and process cooling systems with accuracy and efficiency. We can provide individual components for custom installation based on the customer’s space and utility requirements as well as complete ‘turn-key’ packaged solutions.

We understand providing reliable and precise solutions that perform consistently put nano at the top of the list for selecting nitrogen generation and process cooling equipment for the metal fabrication industry.

Applications include:

·         Heat treating

·         Aluminum degassing

·         Laser beam path purge

·         Laser assist gas

·         Plasma cutting

·         Fiber laser

·         CO2 laser

We were able to replace our bulk nitrogen tanks with a nano GEN2-12130 which produces 1,800 scfh of nitrogen gas at high purity (99.99%).

-a metal fabricator in Minnesota

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