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Texas Oil and nano Desiccant Dryers

An oil well sits in an open desert, with blue sky above it

There’s an old saying that “everything is bigger in Texas,” and when it comes to oil production it’s true.  While 32 of the USA’s 50 states produce crude oil, Texas boasts the title of the nation’s largest oil producer accounting for a whopping 42% of the nation’s production in 2022 alone as cited by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.  The state is dotted with oil fields with many of those located in the Permian Basin of West Texas and the Eagle Ford Shale of South Texas.  

A Harsh Environment: Oil & Gas Equipment and Workers

Everyday life in an oil field can be challenging and backbreaking.  Oil field workers in Texas can experience environmental extremes from soaring heat and freezing cold, storms and rain, and dust, dirt, and mud. The days and/or nights are long and tiring so the last thing you need are equipment breakdowns and issues because of your compressed air system.

As a result, the need for clean, dry compressed air is a crucial part of keeping the oil rig running at top performance.

In the field, compressed air is used to operate instrumentation and control devices.  Referred to as instrument air, it is moisture and particulate-free with most specifications requiring -40°F PDP.  The air is used to power a multitude of pneumatic devices such as tools, control valves, solenoid-operated valves, cylinders, positioners, and actuators on rigs and other machinery.  

Creating a Compressed Air Solution with High-Quality Equipment

A Texas manufacturer dedicated to serving the needs of the natural gas and oil industry builds complete air compressor and air treatment packages for use in the oil fields. Initially, the company was building the skid packages to include a refrigerated air dryer. With a typical dew point of +40°F PDP, the use of refrigerated air dryers in the oil fields meant the dryers were susceptible to high and low ambient temperatures and daily exposure to the elements.  As a result, the manufacturer knew they needed a change.

Their engineer came to Sergio Castillejos, nano Business Development Manager for help. Sergio suggested the nano range of modular desiccant air dryers to fit their requirements. nano’s range of modular D3 desiccant air dryers not only gave them a small dryer footprint for use where space is at a minimum but also provided them with a dew point of -40°F PDP, much better than the refrigerated dryer they were previously using.

A nano modular desiccant dryer stands with a compressed air system as part of an installation for a Texas manufacturer

Modular Desiccant Dryers for the Oil and Gas Industry

In these remote locations, gas-powered generators are a key source of power. nano D3 modular desiccant air dryers come standard with a 115V electrical requirement. The flexibility of the dryer gave the packager the ability to hardwire and seal the electrical connections to withstand harsher ambient conditions.  As the skids sit outside, weather-tight fittings and a more environment-friendly cover were placed on the control box for additional protection again the harsh elements.

We chose nano modular desiccant air dryers as they were the best option for space, and provided us with the ability to fit where needed


- Lee, Engineer at the Texas manufacturer

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