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Nitrogen Gas: Less Than 2-Year ROI for Chemical Leader

A chemical plant at night, with large white chemical tanks in front of an oil refinery

Chemicals and their derivatives are used by humans throughout their daily lives. Manufactured through a series of complex processes, operations, and facilities, chemicals provide essential solutions for products such as household cleaning agents, personal care, paints and coatings, and even ink just to name a few.

A New Collaboration with a Chemical Manufacturer

A global leader in the specialty chemicals market located in the USA produces chemicals for a number of markets including agriculture and food, home and personal care, building and infrastructure, polymer specialties, pulp, paper and packaging, and paints and coatings.  With many locations under their corporate umbrella, their surface chemistry division focuses on thickeners, stabilizers, water retaining agents, lightweight filters, and more for decorative paints and coatings.

At their Southeast USA specialty chemical location, nitrogen gas is used to purge products through their substantial piping network and also in the ‘blanketing’ of products.

Nitrogen Blanketing for the Chemical Industry

Low-pressure nitrogen gas is used throughout the chemical market to push or move products through a facilities’ maze of piping as the nitrogen displaces oxygen and moisture from the internal surfaces of the pipelines creating a more stable climate and preventing product degradation and oxidation.

Chemical manufacturers also use nitrogen gas to blanket the tanks that not only hold the final product but also the raw materials used in its manufacture. By filling the empty headspace or vapor space inside a vessel or container with nitrogen gas, the oxygen is displaced, and by displacing the oxygen in the chemical storage tank, once again oxidation and degradation of the product are eliminated

A Perfect nano Solution to Costly Nitrogen Delivery

The Southeast location was spending several $100K/year on delivered liquid nitrogen which was then converted on-site into gas. To find a more cost-effective solution, the facility called upon a major compressed air distributor in the Southeast that distributes nano-brand nitrogen gas generators.

Working in conjunction with nano-purification solutions’ Business Development Manager Mark Lauterwasser, both parties found the solution needed.  With the purchase of (4) nano GEN2 i4.0 12130 modular nitrogen gas generators complete with buffer tanks and filtration, the chemical manufacturer cut their costs considerably and show a less than 2-year payback on their new nitrogen gas generation equipment.  

The multi-bank, modular design was ideal for the facility’s varying usage, and they liked the idea of “built-in” redundancy with the four combined gas generator units. The compressed air savings was substantial versus a single, large twin-tower gas generator design due to the GEN2 i4.0’s energy savings mode on each individual unit.

Four modular nitrogen generators stand together as installed equipment for a chemical manufacturer

I chose to work with the nano team because of their knowledge and experience with nitrogen gas generator systems. nano was there every step of the way, from the initial site visit to working through minor issues after the equipment was installed. Top-notch service and support


- John Moore, Sales Engineer of Southeastern Distributor

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