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A large roll of paper on a machine

Paper and paperboard products are used throughout almost all industries from various weights and textures of various paper, product labels and packaging, and more.

Used throughout the entire production process, compressed air plays a vital role in the manufacture of these products. This includes the preparation of raw materials, separation of the fiber which includes the preparation of the pulp, the bleaching process, and the actual papermaking procedure including the manufacturing of the sheet and surface treatment of the final product. 

This manufacturing process is a continuous and energy-intensive process with facilities running on a continuous 24/7 basis. As a result, it is important to decrease energy costs and create more efficient production practices wherever possible.  High energy efficiency and reliability lead to a low cost of ownership. Equipment breakdowns cause interruptions to pulp and paper facilities, resulting in lost time and production. As a result, the equipment they use must be reliable with ease of maintenance.

Oftentimes, these facilities require multiple air compressors as large amounts of compressed air are needed daily which in turn needs to be treated.

For paper and paperboard manufacturing facilities with very low or very high ambient temperatures or where compressed air encounters carbon steel, desiccant air dryers are vital to ensuring resulting condensation does not reach the production process which would be ruinous to the final product.

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