Compressed Air


A nano NXC dryer installed as part of a full compressed air system

Clean, dry compressed air is essential in every efficient and profitable manufacturing operation worldwide. While compressed air filters will remove solid particulate, liquids and aerosols, they cannot remove the moisture that remains in the form of vapor. This vapor can condense into liquid water throughout your compressed air system as the pressure and temperature of the compressed air changes leading to trouble for your downstream equipment and processes. For vapor removal, nano offers a complete portfolio of high efficiency dryers to meet your productions requirements including:

Refrigerated Air Dryers

Superior Performance

With advanced technology and intelligent features, our refrigerated dryers provide precise dew point control, minimizing the risk of damage caused by excessive humidity. Our range of dryers is available in various capacities to meet the diverse needs of different industries and applications, from small-scale operations to large industrial facilities. 

Desiccant Air Dryers

Meticulously Designed Range

Backed by years of research and innovation, nano desiccant air dryers guarantee optimal moisture control, enabling you to elevate performance, maintain product quality, and exceed industry regulations. Join us in embracing a new era of compressed air technology, where precision meets sustainability.

Membrane & CO2 Removal Dryers

Protection for your compressed air system

Contaminants such as oil, particles, and carbon dioxide (CO2) can compromise the integrity of compressed air systems. nano's membrane and CO2 removal compressed air dryers offer a robust solution by effectively removing these impurities, safeguarding equipment, processes, and end products. 

Membrane & CO2 Removal Dryers

Compressed Air Dryer Add-Ons

Choose from our range of add-ons, which enable you to customize your compressed air dryer setup, improve air quality, reduce energy consumption, and streamline maintenance. Browse our range of options and discover how our innovative add-ons can enhance performance, increase energy efficiency, and optimize your compressed air system.

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