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High Temperature Dust Filters

Rated to 450°F, the nano range of F3 high temperature compressed air filters provide particulate removal for high temperature compressed air. Designed for the unique demands of high temperature applications including downstream of a heated desiccant dryer, the filters handle the heat while providing high efficiency filtration with minimal pressure drop. 

Key Specs:

Flow Rate

15 to 1600 scfm


½” to 3” NPT


1 micron

nano-purification solutions product brochure with equipment details

F3 NHT Brochure - High Temperature Dust Filters

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ISO compressed air quality standards brochure

ISO Compressed Air Quality Standards

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Die cast aluminum housing with internal and external E-Coat™ finishing for optimum corrosion resistance

Aluminum end caps, stainless steel cylinder and silicone o-rings

Hydrophobic and oleophobic borosilicate glass microfiber media repels oil and water for lower differential pressure

Specifications of our models

Filter Model

Replacemenet Element Inlet & Outlet Rated Flow (1)
Part No. NPT scfm Nm3/h
NHT 0015 M1 EHT 0015 M1 ¼” 15 26
NHT 0030 M1 EHT 0030 M1 3/8” 30 51
NHT 0065 M1 EHT 0065 M1 ½” 65 111
NHT 0075 M1 EHT 0075 M1 ¾” 75 128
NHT 0150 M1 EHT 0150 M1 1” 150 255
NHT 0300 M1 EHT 0300 M1 1½” 300 510
NHT 0450 M1 EHT 0450 M1 2” 450 765
NHT 0650 M1 EHT 0650 M1 2” 650 1105
NHT 1000 M1 EHT 1000 M1 3” 1000 1700
NHT 1250 M1 EHT 1250 M1 3” 1250 2125
NHT 1600 M1 EHT 1600 M1 3” 1600 2720
design operating pressure range 0 to 150 psig
condensate drain (included) manual ball valve
filter housing material machined & die cast aluminum
Element Performance M1
particle removal 1 micron
design operating temperature range 35 to 450°F / 2 to 232°C
pressure drop - clean 1.1 psid
pressure drop - recommended replacement (2) 5.0 psid
flow direction through element outside to inside
maximum element life 12 months or 8000 hours

(1) at 100 psig. For all other pressures, refer to the pressure correction factor table above

(2) differential pressure indicator not included

(3) filters are intended for dry particulate filtration only

(4) technical specifications subject to change without notice. Direct inquiries to [email protected] or contact 704.897.2182

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