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Condensate Management

Oil Water Separators

A typical compressed air and gas system can produce thousands of gallons of condensate per year. This condensate may be as much as 99.9% pure water - so why pay thousands of dollars per year to dispose of water when you can clean it simply and effectively and pour it down the drain? Our comprehensive range of Sepura oil water separators removes the oil from the water in your condensate so you can dispose of it cleanly and safely directly into your sanitary sewer, drastically reducing your condensate disposal costs.

Key Specs:

Flow Rate

60 to 7000 scfm

Maximum Oil Carryover

<20 ppm

Added feature

Works on all lubricants

nano-purification solutions product brochure with equipment details

S1 Brochure - Oil Water Separators

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ISO compressed air quality standards brochure

ISO Compressed Air Quality Standards

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nano-purification solutions product brochure with equipment details

Installation Guide

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Patented and environmentally friendly STERLING filtration media attracts oil and repels water and in turn polishes condensate to outlet concentrations down to  5 ppmv

Activated in seconds by the installing service engineer, standard visual indicator lets  you know when service is due on your unit

Turn-key, small footprint package with no pre-soaking of media unlike traditional carbon bags

Specifications of our models

Separator Model

Inlet Connection(s) Outlet Connection Rated Flow (2)
Size Type Qty Size Type Qty scfm Nm3/h
SEP 60 ST 1/4" PTC(1) 1 3/8" PTC(1) 1 60 102
SEP 120 ST 1/2" NPT 4 3/4" NPT 1 120 204
SEP 360 ST 1/2" NPT 4 3/4" NPT 1 360 612
SEP 900 ST 1/2" NPT 4 3/4" NPT 1 900 1,529
SEP 1250 ST 1/2" NPT 4 3/4" NPT 1 1250 2,124
SEP 1800 ST 1/2" NPT 8 3/4" NPT 1 1800 3,058
SEP 2500 ST 1/2" NPT 8 3/4" NPT 1 2500 4,248
SEP 3500 ST 3/4" NPT 2 3/4" NPT 1 3500 5,947
SEP 7000 ST 3/4" NPT 2 3/4" NPT 1 7000 11,893
Specifications SEP 60 ST SEP 120 to 2500 SEP 3500 SEP 7000
Expected Media Life (4) 8000 hours @ 30 cfm

4000 hours

1600 hours @ 3500 cfm 1600 hours @ 7000 cfm
  4000 hours @ 60 cfm 8000 hours @ 5000cfm 8000 hours @ 10,000cfm
Maximum Oil Carryover < 20 ppm < 20 ppm < 20 ppm < 20 ppm
Warranty 1 year 10 years 2 years 2 years
Max Condensate Inlet Pressure 232 psig 232 psig 232 psig 232 psig
Inlet Condensate Temperature Range 35 to 110°F 36 to 110°F 37 to 110°F 38 to 110°F

(1) push to connect

(2) sizing assumes an oil flooded compressor using mineral or synthetic lubricant with a maximum oil carry-over of 5 mg/m3 or less from the compressor

(3) media life decreases with increased condensate flow. For media life estimates at other flow rates contact [email protected]

(4) for use with PAG compressor lubricants contact nano technical support at [email protected]

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